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Fire Safety Services



Annual, Quarterly and Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspections: 

We offer Annual, Quarterly and Monthly fire extinguisher inspection services.

These inspections consists of the following: 

- We will dispatch one of our safety technicians to perform the inspection on all on-site fire extinguishers. Once the inspection is complete our technician will give a detailed list to our customer, as well as, verbally explain in detail what fire extinguishers need replaced and/or need updated inspection tags. 

Please Contact Us for your next fire extinguisher inspection quote. 

All of our fire extinguishers recharges and refills take place at our Headquarters location in Jourdanton, TX. We perform recharges/refills on all fire extinguisher sizes. (2.5lb, 5lb, 10lb, 20lb, 30lb.) 

We currently serve both South Texas and West Texas for all fire extinguisher recharges and refills. 

A visual fire extinguisher inspection is included at the time of all recharges and refills. 

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